GoPro Hero-The digital diary for those with an adventurous soul

Disclaimer: I do not actually own a GoPro camera myself, but I sure wish I did. As a college student, I have to prioritize. Either I buy myself a GoPro Hero or I buy myself groceries for the month.

Choosing the brand that we would be monitoring was the easy part. As soon as GoPro was mentioned, my team and I came to the unanimous decision that GoPro would be a great fit for us.

We started by plugging in some keywords into Sysomos which included: go pro, gopro, and be a hero. Right away, we saw a lot of engagement and talk about the brand. We chose to filter the results so that only twitter posts appeared in our feed. We did this because we wanted immediate thoughts on the brand. We also used as a secondary source of information, and the method was the same when using this tool.

After looking through tweets and identifying some themes, we categorized the results. The categories we came up with included: The lovers, the haters, and the adventurers.

The Lovers:

The lovers were actually quite easy to find. In fact, we found that the majority of the conversations concerning GoPro were initiated by lovers of the brand.

The Haters

The haters…surprisingly or not surprisingly (because GoPro is just that awesome) were quite difficult to find. There was very little negative feedback that we came across, and that’s an excellent problem to have.

And my personal favorite…

The Adventurers:

The adventurers are an interesting bunch. They enjoy the outdoors, extreme sports, and anything that gets their adrenaline going. They use the GoPro Hero to document their lives and keep friends up to date with their latest adventure.

GoPro seems to be headed in a good direction as far as their products go because positive feedback was easy to find and negative feedback was not. They are producing products that are both reliable and functional, which their customers really seem to enjoy. and Sysomos facilitated the monitoring process, but analyzing the information was the challenging task. When we searched “GoPro” we got back tons of information, that it was almost overwhelming. Luckily, after going through the tweets, we began to see a pattern which inspired our three categories.

We saw several tweets where people said they wished someone would buy them a GoPro, and we found this to be very insightful. We thought…wouldn’t it be great if GoPro tried to market their product as the perfect gift for those who have a friend with an adventurous soul (especially during the holiday season)? I definitely wouldn’t be mad if someone bought me a GoPro for Christmas.


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