The King Kylie Empire

As much as I love ColourPop, (and I think we all know that by now) the success of Kylie Cosmetics has always intrigued me. I thought, how is that Kim Kardashian’s little sister now has an empire of her own? And one that has exploded overnight? I decided to take a look at the brand’s social media platforms, hoping to find some answers to all its success.

I found that Kylie Cosmetics is active on three platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram: 9.2 million followers, Facebook: 2.8 million likes, and Twitter: 456K followers. Kylie also has a personal Instagram account (78 million followers), to which she frequently posts the latest Kylie Cosmetics products. The brand is very active. They normally upload the same content (3-5 images a day) across all their social media platforms. My favorite thing has to be that Kylie Cosmetics creates beautiful content that is aesthetically pleasing:


They will often share a picture of a celebrity or social media influencer wearing a Kylie Cosmetics lip color or eyeshadow. As you scroll through the brand’s Instagram account, you might even see Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, or Kylie Jenner herself rocking a cool lip shade. Just below, pictured from left to right are Nicole Guerriero (Youtube make-up guru), Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012), and Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars actress) all wearing Kylie Cosmetics.

I would say that the brand’s strength is that they know the type of content that people, (more specifically make-up obsessed girls) want to see. Their content is very fun and fresh, which fits well with their target audience of young women. The brand has a youthful personality that is enhanced through the use of emojis and hashtags like “#squad goals”.

Although Kylie Cosmetics has the whole content thing down, their weakness is engagement with the target audience. Every now and then, they might retweet a pic of a follower wearing a Kylie Cosmetic lip product or they might ask “what shade are you wearing today?”, but aside from that, their interaction is minimal. I don’t see them replying to comments and questions on Instagram or Facebook, and if they do, it’s pretty rare. I think the brand could really benefit from replying to customers, because it would make them feel valued and cared about.

An opportunity that I see for the brand is Youtube. Youtube has a beauty community of its own, and I think Kylie Cosmetics could really add to that. They could post a make-up tutorial once or twice a week and teach people how to complete their look with a Kylie Lip Kit or how to apply the products properly. I think loyal customers would really appreciate that and potential customers would be intrigued by it.

As far as threats go, I do not really see any. I think Kylie Cosmetics has established a name for itself because despite its costly products, everything on the website is always sold out. ColourPop is the affordable competitor to the brand, but I do not see them interfering with Kylie Cosmetic sales.




One comment

  1. madelinejane · December 8, 2016

    great read! I hate to admit it but I am obsessed with watching Kylie’s Instagram and snap chat! she herself is a brand, its crazy!


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