Professional Panel: Networking, networking, networking. It’s all about networking.

On Wednesday, I had the privilege to hear six professionals from various agencies and companies share their knowledge, advice, and experiences with my classmates and I. As a junior in college, the reality of the real world has recently begun to haunt me. I am one who tends to fear the unknown, so imagining life after graduation can be fairly intimidating and stressful. Luckily, these professionals made me feel more at ease, but also motivated me to start putting in the work NOW.

Something that kept coming up during our discussion was networking. Networking is key, and it starts NOW. It starts with connecting with someone on LinkedIn or getting their business card after they’ve spoken in class. And yes, in the words of Victoria Hubertz, it can be”awkward as hell”. As uncomfortable as it can be, networking is crucial  because sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Here are some quotes and tweets from the panel that resonated with me:





One comment

  1. Dennis Jenders · December 10, 2016

    Put in that work! Love it.

    Thing is, we all want to see you succeed. We know that by investing in you, and networking it’ll also open our world to new opportunities too. It’s not that we are doing it for that benefit, but realize you have something to offer in that exchange of information or time.

    After years of being in this industry I’ve realized that I can never meet enough people or gather too much knowledge or experience. I look forward to seeing where your life takes you next, I expect it’ll include big things!


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