ColourPop: The social media queen

I’m sure you are tired of me by now, because ALL you hear me talk about is ColourPop. I just can’t help it. What can I say? #sorrynotsorry.

But for real guys, part of the reason why I love ColourPop so much is because they are always inspiring me. When I stalk ColourPop’s Instagram feed, I’m looking to be inspired to try a new blush, or eyeshadow, or makeup look. I want to see products and photos that are aesthetically pleasing. Of course, a little promo code here and there doesn’t hurt, but inspiration is what I’m always on the hunt for.

I mean, come on, just take a look at these:

Amazing, right?

If I was on the other side, working as the social media manager for ColourPop, my goal would be to inspire people. If people believe in you, they will believe in your product. So, if someone saw any of the four images that I shared above, odds are that they might make a purchase because the photo inspired them to recreate the makeup look. I would want to see customers sharing photos of themselves rocking ColourPop products and sharing their thoughts. Hopefully, that would mean that they were inspired by us.

In my eyes, ColourPop can do no wrong. I think their social media strategy is working, because there have been several occasions when I’ve made a purchase after seeing one of their posts. What is a girl to do?



One comment

  1. livingmarquette · April 26, 2017

    I learned about ColourPop from one of my housemates this year…and LOVE the liquid lip color!! I noticed that their website, when making my purchase, is very customer based and shows exactly what you would want to see when purchasing a lip color online. I haven’t had the chance to follow them on social media at all. Do they ever post videos, or tutorials? I think this would be a great way to lure people into purchasing more products versus just showing pictures; I never think I can recreate a make-up artist’s work 😉 Great post!!


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