My Dream Job


This might seem far fetched, but bare with me. A girl can dream after all can’t she?

So…in an ideal world, I would be a social media influencer/blogger. I find myself fascinated by young people, millennials like myself, who have used social media to build their personal brands and careers.

But first, a brief background on me:

As a public relations major and an advertising minor, I can’t say that I would love to spend the rest of my life (after graduation of course) dedicated solely to public relations or advertising. You see, I kinda stumbled into public relations and advertising because I had a professor whose passion for both was so contagious that even a  biomedical engineer might feel the sort of excitement I felt every time she lectured. Although I do enjoy them both, given the choice, I much rather invest in the building of my personal brand/image than that of another company. I think it’s more personal, and when things are more personal to us, we as humans tend to give it our all. That’s what I want. I want to give my ALL to whatever it is I decide to pursue in life.

And we’re back.

As I was saying a few lines up…I hope, dream, and pray that the title “Social Media Influencer” will appear on my resume a few years from now. If it happens any sooner, fantastic! Now, if I had to choose my favorite social media platform, I’d choose Instagram in a heartbeat. I’m a very visual person, which is why I think I like it so much. And if I had any luck and was able to build a large enough following on Instagram to be called a social media influencer, a public relations background would definitely come in handy.

Companies reach out to social media influencers because they have specific audiences that look to them for inspiration, motivation, and entertainment at minimum. Public relations at its core is creating/maintaining a favorable public image and growing/establishing a relationship with a company and its public. As a social media influencer, I have to know what my audience wants from me and what they expect from me. If my Instagram account is centered on adventure, travel, fashion, makeup, lifestyle, fitness, health, or whatever it may be, I have to make sure that the content I put out aligns with their wants and needs. My image has to be an accurate representation of me, and one that I’m proud of because my followers will have an understanding of who I am through the content I post. Most importantly, having PR experience would help me figure out how to best develop and maintain a relationship with my followers.

Before I wrap things up, I want to leave you with two of my favorite social media influencers. The first is Jay Alvarrez, an adventure/travel blogger:

Link to his Instagram:


And SincerelyJules, a fashion blogger:

Link to her Instagram:


Until next time ❤

-Giselle Adriana


One comment

  1. Lara Keith · April 26, 2017

    I love this post. With all of the modern technology and increasing importance social media plays for a brand or company, aspiring to be a social media influencer is such a great job, especially right after college since most of them travel. I love Jay and follow him on all social platforms. Another one I follow and really like is Tash Oakley, who actually started her own bikini company due to popular demand from her social sites.


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